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ProductFeature: Live Article

Context is king

How do you bring readers into an ongoing story? Give your audience background and context to every live event with a LiveArticle. Pull in the most relevant updates from your liveblog into a beautifully-formatted article that sits on top of your live updates.

But like the rest of ScribbleLive, LiveArticle doesn’t have to be static.

Any changes you make to your LiveArticle are just going to post in real time. Users don’t have to worry about hitting the refresh button anywhere else on the liveblog, so why should they have to here?


How to create a Live Article
How to add media to a Live Article
How to get the Live Article embed code for your event


  • Easily and efficiently click and drag content from your feed
  • Provide highlights to add constantly-updated context
  • Text formats automatically, without you having to strip font, colors or typefaces
  • Updates refresh automatically
  • Organize text with headers, block quotes and bulleted and numbered lists
  • Each LiveArticle can be embedded independent of a liveblog
  • Multiple editors working on one LiveArticle will see each other’s changes in real time